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October 24, 2011

I think it is time to escape from her : (

I have bet with someone whose is highly intelligent for a things - Fate. I think i almost lost to him. What should i do? I think i should leave this place for a moment. I cannot stay here for anymore. I am so sorry to say that. I have to do so. If not, i will go crazy ...................

Ham-ba-lan-sap : )

Long time did not update my blog. So many things happen in this short period. First, Uncle Johnny are pass away : ( ..... Well, flash back last time i was live outside alone. My working wages only have enough cover. Sometime, not enough, have to eat bread to pass by the month end to earn salary. Lucky, got uncle johnny. He is very kind person. He always belanja me and my sword sister eat dinner in his stall. Next, is my big day - i have been baptis in FGA Church : )

August 12, 2011


Haha, 昨天偷懒,没学 IETLS就看戏。 Alien & CowBoys.... This movie quite nice ..... It is talk about Fighting between native american , cowboys and alien. Alien try to conquer the Gold, which is their main resource for their space ship : ) . Finally, Native Americans and Cowboys plan out strategic to destroy the Alien's Spaceship : ) Story is quite Science Fiction and plus a little bit story : )

就在同一天,我又在看另套戏。The Loan Shark. This time i watched together with her : ) Sweet Sweet : )

August 07, 2011


时间过得很快,假期两周过去了!我忙碌做part time 赚钱!帮朋友代教补习!星期五六日,自然就归于上耶鲁咯!其实帮旧公司工作都蛮闷下!很羡慕我的coursemate 去Penang 玩!没办法啦,我现在都很穷!我觉得以前很期待周末的到来,但是现在那种感觉没有了!我自己也不知道为什么?耶鲁啊,给我启示吧!然后这个星期五,有布道会!听说可以带新朋友来,不知道她 得空吗?

July 25, 2011


我是在某某一次聚会地方,遇见她!起初,对她没有什么东西?也不知道几时对她有意思!这才是我的痛苦的开始,我想了很久,无论怎样比!学业,别人有外国大学Degree,有自己的经济能力,有自己车,家里环境还过的去,她的Leader Ship (From my observation) 非常好!自己呢?Degree only in progress (Baby Step),经济能力有限,家里环境不是很好,Leadership (虽然以前我是个Manager)但是都不比她好啦!
Hence, i have decided that keep my admire of her into my deep heart as sercet.


July 23, 2011

My Church Life

不知不觉,我来到FGA已经有半年。我在此要谢谢x1000 to Phoebe Liew,如果不是她一直邀请我去FGA - CYC,我还在寻找着适合我的教堂!First time, i come to this church, big impressive is that they sing , dance , there is guitarist and band to praise and worship songs to God  : ) .
 Normally, i go traditional church which they only have sunday morning service, not worship and praise activity. Even, i been in Taiwan Church, they also not that WOW and So to praise & worship to the god : ).

Cell Group : I have been in CG Group only less 5 month, because i don't know there is any cell group activity in Friday on that particular time.My cell group is quite special, is combine my cell group (Wen Ping) and other cell group (Luo Ping) together first, then spilt back to the original group and start to preaching the bible (神的话语)。In this cell group, they are very friendly, and i know a lot of nice people from here. : )

Saturday Service : As everything usually, but bit different as i mention in above (Type of worship and praise).

Sunday : I rarely come to this type of service, because i am working on that particular time. Well start from now, i have decide to stop for working at weekend, put myself nearer to the god. I also attend bible class to understand more about bible.

Since, i come to FGA, i get a lot of miracle from god, Including my study result. Firstly, my microeconomic. When in my mid term, i think i not doing very well in it. I always pray to god after i have sit for the exam. Surpisingly, i get B in this subject : ). I was aim for pass ( C ) at the particular time. Secondary, my CGPA always get maintain at 3.5 and above. Altought i not pray this to the god, but he (my father, Lord) have give me more than i want : ) . There are many more 见证,that i can't write because it is too many to write. But, i always felt lucky and apreciate because having he (Jesus) in my side when everytime i face problem. It have led me make a decision to stop part time job and go for bible class and 祷告会at Sunday.

I purposely buy the clothes cover to cover the bible from get damage : )

Here want to thanks my Cell Group Leader, Wen Ping, because she present me this bible :  )
I really appreciate it : )

This the new beg that will accompany me go to the church : )

IELTS English Test Registration

Soon i will taking IELTS Exam in 20 August 2011...... Wish me good Luck in all the section test : )

My Exam Docket : )
Start from now i should speak english more and learn it properly......... My Target for this exam is Band 6 : ) Hope my lord (Jesus) bless me everything run smooth in my exam and get flying colour result : )

Maybank Treats Points Fair

               I also personalise my Maybank Visa Debit Card too with my taipei 101 photo : )

Cool Men !!!

Maybank Treats Points Fair

      I was very happy after shopping in Maybank Treats Points Fair.............. I have redeem a lot of vouchers : ) that i can enough use for one year  : )

Have You ever see this?

Old Pig with Crown : )

January 03, 2011

Passport almost expire

Today, i was went to Kajang immigration department, find out their service quite fast also. 2 Hours can settle a new passport for me... Well, talk about old passport, inside have a lot of different country immigration department chop... i love it... : ) Now only can put into drawer keep it as memory. : ( And New passport number is not easy to memorize... haix...

Old Passport Front Cover

Different Country Immigration Department Chop

Airlines Company Tickets

New Passport Front Cover

Singapore Review

After three day tour around singapore small town... Generally, found out... MRT is their favourite transport. Well, when i board MRT.. found out.. Tenanger all wear Brand Shoe
(NIKE), Office Lady with PDA Touch Phone (Mostly IPhone 4), Young Lady with Burberry beg. From this, we can know singaporian are more like to carry branded thing, not matter which age group from young to adult. One thing i admired is all people in MRT are carry out the phone play game, SMS, calling Buddy. Unlike Malaysian hide their inside pocket because scare kena rampas phone .... Well, Look singapore more peace,not many criminal case happen compare with malaysia. Draw a big Picture, Singapore thing are more expensive except those Branded Thing, Like burberry beg. Model that my girl friend carry one is more cheaper RM500 than in malaysia. Watch price is around the same. Phone is more cheaper,but need sign plan to enjoy the benefit.And singaporian people are more friendly, when ask for direction, they really help and guide me. I love this. Mostly regret is i cannot go into universal studio because the ticket have been sold out.... : ( One thing i tak suka is Their immigration clearance banyak leceh la... Have to long queqe and very tight security....   : ( Overall, i love this country .. i plan to migrate to here ...... below with some pictures that i taken in singapore....

Singapore MRT Tourist Pass 3 day Sin $ 38

Green Line MRT in Bugis ( Queenstreet)

Sentosa Pass Ticket Sin $ 3

Universal Studio Entrance
Inside the Universal Studio

Big Global outside Universal Studio

Ferrari Car


December 20, 2010

Happy With it

I just receive a christmas gift from my Girl Friend.. is Iphone 4 32GB... Well... i quite happy with it.. i was bought Blackberry phone for her working essential tools...Just think life is always full with surprise... : )

October 30, 2010

Boring Day

Today got many customers fly in front of me... but non of they are buying things from me. Why? What is going on?

First time write blog.....

Thanks for stephy help me to decorate my Blogspot.....

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